No one will ever tell me Chiropractic doesn’t work. When I started coming here I couldn’t even do one mile on the exercise bike. I only increase it one mile a month because I tend to over do things. Now at home I am up to five miles a day. I haven’t done that since 1996 before my heart surgery. I maybe in that tortoise-hare race and I have learned that being the tortoise pays off for me. Thanks for Dr. Crismon and all the rest of the staff, I’m getting there slow but sure.

Ellie W.

When I first started going to see Dr. Graham, I had tried numerous other doctors with no results. I had an extreme loss of weight, no appetite, stomach pains, nausea and back pain that only continued to get worse. After treating with Dr. Graham, I regained my appetite, gained weight, had less stomach problems and my back pain lessened. My health had greatly improved. I would definitely recommend Dr. Graham to someone with a health problem.

Michael K.

I knew Dr. Crismon when he was with another doctor practicing in Phoenix. I had severe aches and pains throughout my body, too many to list. After having adjustments & therapy with Dr. Crismon, I significantly improved. Dr. Crismon’s knowledge & over all bedside manner has allowed him to become a true friend to us and our entire family. I would highly recommend Dr. Crismon for chiropractic care.

Sal & Catherine M.